Shortly after high school in Jan. of 2000, I left my home state of Utah to join the Marine Corps, where I spent five years traveling the world as a CH-53 Super Stallion mechanic and crew chief. After getting honorably discharged, I obtained an Associates of Applied Science in Visual Art and Design and landed a full time position as a 3D Environment Artist at a driving simulator division of L-3 Communications and was immediately hooked on real time graphics.

After a few years there I landed an internship with Avalanche Software (part of Disney Interactive Studios) and had a fantastic year of learning even more about the job from a team of very talented pros while getting to work on the Cars 2 Video Game. From there I left for the East Coast to take up a position at the start up game studio 38 Studios. That quickly turned into a roller coaster ride of loving where I was at, what I was doing, and who I was doing it with, to watching the studio implode spectacularly. Fortunately I was able to quickly land a position at Irrational Games working on Bioshock Infinite within a couple of weeks. I feel that somehow everywhere I go I am fortunate enough to be working with and learning from among the most talented group of people on the planet.

In February of 2014, I was once again affected by a studio closure, only this time it was the closure of Irrational Games. I am currently seeking work doing what I love to do, collaborating with the industries best people on projects that are stunning and challenging.