Bioshock Infinite

Starting in June 2012, I had the good fortune to join the exceptional team at Irrational Games to help them ship Bioshock Infinite and all of it’s related DLC. Despite the shocking way that it ended, it has been a privilege to work alongside and learn from the uber talented people there. The rigorous collaboration, constant critiquing and ruthless editing within those walls has made me far better at what I love to do than when I started, and so I have no regrets. This page represents some of the work that I was able to contribute*.

*Irrational has the mostĀ iterativeĀ and fluid workflows that I have ever experienced, so I can only take partial credit for the screenshots presented here. Everything was a hyper-collaboration between multiple talented people and departments. Please contact me if you would like more specific info on what exactly my contribution was.


  • Worked closely with game design through all stages of development to ensure a good balance of visual quality and game play.
  • Worked closely with the narrative team on several key scenes.
  • Worked as a level artist to compose the visual environment, atmospherics and lighting. This typically included everything from grey boxing an area to final polish for ship.
  • Collaborated with tech and FX artists to help create assets outside of world building including shaders and FX.
  • Continually audited performance across all shipping platforms, and made all required adjustments to come in under budget while maintaining the high visual quality standards.

Brian McNett Environment Art Demo Reel 2014 from Brian McNett on Vimeo.

This is a demo reel of some of my work on Bioshock Infinite and its DLC. I worked on the scene lighting and environment art in these scenes. Please contact me for more details.

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