Project Copernicus

From July 2011-May 2012 I had the opportunity to work on the unreleased  MMO called Project Copernicus for an amazing team at 38 Studios. I  learned so much during my team there, both as an artist and a person. This page represents some of the work that I have did before the spectacular collapse of the studio. Everything was left at various stages of development, and so is all works in progress/not final.


  • Worked closely with game design through all stages of development to ensure a good balance of visual quality and game play.
  • Worked as a world builder on zones from early stages of whitebox through polish.
  • Collaborated with tech and FX artists to help create assets outside of world building including shaders and FX.
  • Frequently collaborated and responded to tech performance reviews by making changes to comply with performance budgets while maintaining  visual quality.
  • Learned SpeedTree.

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