Cars 2

Over the last year (June 2010-June 2011) I have had the opportunity to work on the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Video Game at Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City. It has been an incredible experience, and one that I won’t forget. Avalanche is a fantastic studio full of very talented artists/mentors that I was privileged to both learn from and work with.


  • Early on I was given one of the three race tracks in the iconic Radiator Springs area. I was given the environment in a block out form and took it from there to a second art pass before being swapped over to the Mission London Arena.
  • I was responsible for taking the Mission London Arena from a 2nd pass to the final version. This involved refining the placement of meshes and terrain, adding details, and creating and implementing the final lighting solution.
  • I  took the Spybase used in all of the Disruptor Mode levels from block-out to the final version, which includes an interior with active monitors and 3 damage states.
  • Along the way I worked on several key buildings, including the London Race Pits, Parliament Building (Big Ben!), Buckingham Palace, and several others.

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